ScotiaMocatta Precious and Base Metal


ScotiaMocatta offers a range of popular world-renowned coins, including:

  • Austria: Vienna Philharmonica
    Europe's only euro bullion coin is available in the traditional one ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce weights.

  • Canada: Maple Leaf
    Scotiabank is an official distributor of Canadian Maple Leaf gold and silver coins, which are prized as gifts of great beauty and value. The Maple Leaf gold coin is guaranteed by the Government of Canada to contain 99.99% pure gold.

  • Canada: Silver Cougar
    Scotiabank is an official distributor of the 2012 Cougar silver coin. This limited edition coin is part of a series of Canadian Wildlife silver 9999 1 oz. bullion coins.

  • China: Panda
    These charming, high-demand coins are renowned for being among the world's most beautiful. 

  • England: Sovereign
    The history of the first British Sovereigns stretches back to the beginning of England's Tudor era.

  • Mexico: 50 Peso 1947
    Mexico's silver and gold coins are highly collected due to the common border shared between Mexico and the United States.

  • South Africa: Krugerrand
    The very first gold bullion coins produced in sizes of exactly one ounce.

  • United States: American Eagle
    These coins resist the scratching and damage which can diminish resale value, because it is minted in 91.67 fine gold, which produces harder coins.

ScotiaMocatta also offers coins in silver, platinum and palladium and are subject to availability.  Special orders are available (minimum quantity may be required). Please check with your local Scotiabank branch for product availability and current pricing.

Please note that ScotiaMocatta will not be offering the America the Beautiful 5 oz silver coins.