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England: Sovereign

Modern British Sovereigns have a long history behind them, having first been produced in 1817, towards the end of the 60-year reign of King George III (r.1760-1820). However, the very first British Sovereigns have an even more impressive history, having been first issued over 500 years ago at the beginning of England's Tudor era, during the reign of King Henry VII (r.1485-1509).

Gold Sovereign Specifications
(troy oz)
Fine Gold
Content (grams)
Diameter (mm) Legal Tender
.2568 (7.9881 grams) .916 2/3 or 22 karats  7.3224 (.2354 troy oz.) 22 1 pound

*Legal tender is the face value of the coin and the minimum value guaranteed by the issuer but does not necessarily reflect the current market value.